Get Help Buying or Selling Your Property

Get Help Buying or Selling Your Property

We offer real estate law assistance in South Miami, FL and surrounding areas including Coral Gables

Looking for an experienced Real Estate Attorney? This area of law can often be complex and confusing for both Buyers and Sellers. No one should make the biggest purchase or sale of a lifetime without legal guidance. Keith J. Merrill brings forty years' experience to the process and can guide and assist from the formation of the contract through closing and can solve problems, big and small and in between.

We'll get all the paperwork together and walk you through each step of the process so you fully understand what you're signing. We can help you with your:

  • Closing
  • Title Insurance
  • Communicating with your lender

We deal with residential and commercial real estate transactions. Contact Keith J. Merrill, P.A. 305-663-0506 today to schedule a consultation with a real estate attorney in South Miami, FL.

We're here to review all the necessary documents

We handle real estate transactions of any dollar amount. We'll check for hidden liabilities and liens, as well as any title issues that may exist. Real estate purchases are some of the biggest deals you'll make in your lifetime. Make sure you're making a wise investment. Call 305-663-0506 today to learn more about real estate law in South Miami, FL.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation Lawyer in Miami, FL

Also, serving the surrounding areas including but not limited to:

Perrine | Dadeland | Pinecrest | Coral Gables | Kendall | West Miami